NEW YORK SNIP342 – Dr Ida Rolf

Sheltering. Stir-crazy. Which day is this? What time of day? Shall I do this video-blog stoned or cold turkey. How can I gather my …thoughts are easy enough to gather with a butterfly net, but my feelings are heavy and…

NEW YORK SNIP342 – Dr Ida Rolf



Sheltering. Stir-crazy. Which day is this? What time of day? Shall I do this video-blog stoned or cold turkey. How can I gather my …thoughts are easy enough to gather with a butterfly net, but my feelings are heavy and deep in my psyche, overlaid by the tragedies around me, though mostly far away, the vulnerable undocumented and documented Coloreds, and all the cracks in the floorboards that keep the Feds from including them in those ‘damaged’ by this pandemic. The mother of my grown children did not get her 1200.
Unbeknownst, and inconsequential to the UU congregation that I belong to, when Judy bit the dust in the early weeks of this March (centuries ago), I was elevated or demoted to being the oldest congregate at 87. Am I that? Yes. Oh, good one affirmative however negative fact. At our first meeting of the Senior Spirits group in late April, Judy (with her wheeled walker) proudly asserted: “I am 89!” That roundtable meeting ‘in vivo’ was followed by the coffee-hour or as I like to call it ‘the kaffeeklatch’ however that’s spelled in one European language or another. Cafée-klatch. In late March our senior minister announced her passing. I am also the oldest at the monthly Alicia’s TangoPasión dance party, and even at our Upper Westside’s Bloomingdale-Aging-in-Place social group I’m afraid to discern, judging from out last local president’s big celebration, I may well rank there in the top 1%. That’s not the top 1% I aspire to be part of. That’s not the 1% I could even conceive of when opening the door and crossing the 50s threshold.
Coffee-hour – Let me see what Sergey has to say about that. Sergey and Larry, they certainly have come a long unfathomably long way since their 1998 Stamford University beginnings – 114,096 employees, Q3 2019 $66,001,000,000 (2014). Larry Page is considered the visionary and Sergey Brin the math prodigy. Sergey would say, ‘Is that the best way to solve that problem?’ Larry always said, ‘Is that the right problem to solve?’ Michael Jones, a co-founder of Google Earth, who worked at the company for 11 years, often closely with this pair, says: “They’re different, and together they make up a whole person.” Mr Page $58b and Mr Brin 56b, the sixth and seventh richest in the world. Sundar Pichai is Google’s CEO.
One thing I’d like these clever and innovative boys to fix, is that ’spellcheck’ can not keep up with the names of Indo-American names and Anglo words, spelling nouns or verbs – they resemble each other. And it’s a multi-task to try to defeat spell-check – catch the X to cancel with a SmartMouse is tricky because mouse behavior conflicts, except in a click instead of a slide motion.
Have you noticed how many Indian and Pakistani, low profile but highly educated, are peopling America’s corporations, business, medical & educational institutions? Satya Nadella (52, India), Microsoft CEO; Anu Aiyengar, JP Morgan Chase; Arvind Krishna, IBM; Shantanu Narayen, Adobe; Mark Surendra, Nokia; Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation; Amartya Sen, Harvard University; Mira Nair, Film Director; Shahid Khan, Businessman; Sada Cumber, Diplomat.
In education, it is a fact that 40% of the near 5 million Indo-Americans, and 30% of the near 1 million Pakistani-Americans, hold graduate or professional degrees. The American average holds a poor and lazy with only 11% of post-graduate degrees. Here’s a very short list of virologist and pandemic specialists MSNBC has on repeated camera interviews; Dr Kavita Patel, Obama Health Administrator; Dr Vin Gupta, NBC and CNN Pandemic Consultant. It is impossible to list even a fraction of the quiet but powerful roles Indian-Americans are wielding in the USA in business, education, medicine, economics, mathematics, science, research, professors and in the arts. We are so fortunate to still be attractive to Asians, and even to Europeans who feel America to be a more ’open circuits’ economy.

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