Life Kids Elementary – April 5

Life Kids ONLINE – Elementary Lesson PUT OTHERS FIRST April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday We are pleased to present you with a fun lesson including elements that come from the Orange curriculum company as well as our Elementary teachers…

Life Kids Elementary - April 5



Life Kids ONLINE – Elementary Lesson
April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday

We are pleased to present you with a fun lesson including elements that come from the Orange curriculum company as well as our Elementary teachers and their families. Follow the guide below to lead your family through the teaching.

Lesson for kids 1-4 years old (Mar 29 & Apr 5) –

Additional Preschool Lesson for Palm Sunday –

Additional lesson materials can be found here –

Bible Verses: Matthew 26
Bible Story: Jesus Prays in the Garden

Theme: Upside Down – Jesus Changes Everything
Life Application: Humility
Memory Verse: Philippians 2:3, NIrV

o a prize of any sort
o wrapping paper
o tape
o Game Script (download at

Prepare Ahead:
o Parents should gather a prize and wrap it up for a game later on.
o Parents should review the Game Script for a game later on.

ASK the kids:
o What does it mean to be humbled?
o What is humility?

PRESS PLAY – WATCH the Intro portion of the video from Pastor Janelle & Orange.

PAUSE video. Review what humility is with your kids. SAY something like: Humility is putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve. It is thinking of yourself less and others more. When we live with humility, we bring praise to God. We worship God with our lives when we think of others more than ourselves. Others will see that we live for God when we LIVE LOUD and worship God with our lives.

PRESS PLAY – DANCE and SING along to Thank You God by Orange Kids Music.

Bible Lesson
1. WATCH a recap of what we’ve learned so far from Pastor Janelle.
2. WATCH the intro skit presented by Grade 4-5 teacher Miss Darlene & family.
3. WATCH the Bible Lesson from Orange.
4. WATCH the outro skit from Miss Darlene & family.

Bible Point
WATCH as Pastor Janelle teaches the Bible Point – PUT OTHERS FIRST.

Game 1: FIRST & LAST
PAUSE video. GATHER the wrapped prize you prepared earlier and the Game Script.

PRESS PLAY – PLAY the family game demonstrated by Grade 1-3 teacher Miss Peju & family.

o Everyone should sit in a circle.
o Give the prize to someone who will start to pass it around.
o You will read the Game Script while everyone else listens to it.
o The prize gets passed to the left every time the word FIRST is said in the script.
o The person with the prize at the end of the script is the winner.

Review the game with your kids. SAY something like: If you had the prize, you didn’t want to hear the word FIRST. You didn’t want to pass the prize. But most of the time in life, we like to be first.

o What are some times you like to be first?

SAY something like: Jesus deserved to be first more than anyone else, but He chose to put others first. He followed the plan God had for Him. He was willing to die to rescue all people from sin, even when it wasn’t easy for Him and even when He didn’t want to go through something really difficult. Jesus showed how to put others first by asking God for help.

o When it’s time for you to put others first, how can God help you to do it?

GATHER the family in front of you. SAY: When Jesus prayed in the Garden, He prayed to the Father: Not my will, but yours be done. Even though He didn’t want to die, He was willing to do what God had planned.

PLAY a game like Simon Says demonstrated by Grade 1-3 teachers Dennis & Judith along with their family.

o The leader will give instructions for the others to follow. They can be as hard or as difficult as desired.
o Once the instruction is given, the family must respond with the words Jesus said: “Not my will, but yours be done” then they must obey and complete the instructions.
o Play continues as long as desired.
o The leader can appoint a new leader at any point.

Review the game with your kids. SAY something like: In this game, you put the leader first by doing what was asked.

o Have you ever done that in real life? Have you done something someone else wanted instead of what you wanted?

SAY something like: There are lots of opportunities to put others first but we won’t see those opportunities if we only think about what we want. If desired, you can share a story like Judith’s about a time when you didn’t do something someone else wanted.

o How have you put someone first recently?
o How does it feel to put someone else first?
o Who can you put first this week and how?

WATCH as Pastor Janelle wraps up the lesson with some family challenges.

1. Memory Verse Challenge – Send videos of kids reciting the verse.
2. Family Challenge: ART PROJECT – Send photos of art project created by the kids
3. Bonus Challenge – Dream up a way to brighten someone’s day and then do it!


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