A $500 summer ZAFUL haul at 7 months PREGNANT…

Go ZAFUL! Enjoy Zaful 8th Birthday Carnival:https://chat.irish/fashion/sgEhUN62qpb Use discount code “MAYA30” to save 24% off for all orders, for orders over $149 enjoy 30% off! * on both MEN & WOMEN’S* All Glory be to God alone! Hey Family!…

A $500 summer ZAFUL haul at 7 months PREGNANT…



Go ZAFUL! Enjoy Zaful 8th Birthday Carnival: https://zaful.app.link/sgEhUN62qpb

Use discount code “MAYA30” to save 24% off for all orders, for orders over $149 enjoy 30% off! * on both MEN & WOMEN’S*

All Glory be to God alone!

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Products in video

Items from video:
Square Oversized Sunglasses: https://zaful.app.link/INrUt162qpb
Racerback Unitard Romper: https://zaful.app.link/09Cb5762qpb
Large Frame Sunglasses: https://zaful.app.link/E4unaa72qpb
SUPPORT Letter Pattern Shoulder Bag: https://zaful.app.link/0NpIud72qpb
Rectangular Claw Clip: https://zaful.app.link/Io4Byg72qpb
One Shoulder Twisted Side Skirt Set: https://zaful.app.link/cU9w6A72qpb
Jersey Top and Flare Pants Set: https://zaful.app.link/HvbVLE72qpb
Ribbed Sport Shorts Set: https://zaful.app.link/hhPlKF72qpb
Ribbed Sport Shorts Set: https://zaful.app.link/7lKbWG72qpb
Shirt Jacket and Shorts Set: https://zaful.app.link/YotaZO72qpb
Bandana Paisley Print Dress: https://zaful.app.link/8c7VRP72qpb
Slit Draped Skirt: https://zaful.app.link/VSo2MQ72qpb
Bandana Paisley Print Skirt: https://zaful.app.link/J7JMJY72qpb
Abstract Print Skirt: https://zaful.app.link/Ga2FZa82qpb
Marled Draped Two Piece Dress: https://zaful.app.link/Na7EFb82qpb
Silky Tie Dye Dress: https://zaful.app.link/K0W8oe82qpb
Ruched Jersey Dress: https://zaful.app.link/6bDegf82qpb
Oil Painting Print Cami Dress: https://zaful.app.link/xBDNSk82qpb
Graphic Halter Sweater Dress: https://zaful.app.link/U6GC4n82qpb
Graphic Halter Sweater Dress: https://zaful.app.link/w5ZoRy82qpb
Thigh Split Slinky Bodycon Maxi Dress: https://zaful.app.link/F8yvCz82qpb
Ribbed Sleeveless Dress: https://zaful.app.link/xS38FC82qpb
Ribbed Cami Maxi Dress: https://zaful.app.link/fowfOD82qpb
Crop Cami Top: https://zaful.app.link/RCUbGE82qpb
Textured Rhinestone Heart Shaped Ring Tank Top: https://zaful.app.link/M4p7vF82qpb
Back Tie Top: https://zaful.app.link/PF74hG82qpb
Rib Knit Cami Top: https://zaful.app.link/kNtgcH82qpb
Snake Print Blouse: https://zaful.app.link/pP9YXH82qpb
Mock Neck Pointelle Knit Tank Top: https://zaful.app.link/H6wkTI82qpb
Padded U Neck Tank Top: https://zaful.app.link/xRRaZJ82qpb
Boyfriend Shirt: https://zaful.app.link/zRB8KK82qpb
Colorblock Knitted Tulip Hem Top: https://zaful.app.link/IZceCL82qpb
Cupped Back Zip Crop Top: https://zaful.app.link/imn4BM82qpb
Silky Strapless Bodysuit: https://zaful.app.link/9AIMlN82qpb
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